By: Molly Silverman

5 Seconds of Summer has only had one studio album released, but the Australian band has gotten smart: for the holiday season, instead of a cheesy Christmas CD, they released a live album. This album is more than just hearing songs played to screaming fans, it shows more insight to the band as fantastic musicians.

At first, I was apprehensive to buy the CD, because it just had songs I already had. But, my holiday money was burning a hole in my pocket and I realized my love for these boys outweighed my fears, so I bought it. I am glad that I did, because there was not a moment that disappointed me. Not only does the band play songs from early EPs, but they rock out to covers of Green Day (which the drummer, Ashton Irwin, falsely says he cannot play well), Katy Perry (you heard that right and their cover sounds better than the original), and The Romantics (‘What I Like About You’ is their cover single in rotation on the radio). Listeners also hear the hypnotic drum beats, mesmerizing guitar riffs, and intense bass lines through their speakers when they listen to the full album, putting to rest the rumor that 5SOS is a pretty faced boy band (that’s not quite rock n’ roll of people to say).

This concert CD was so well recorded, it felt like you were actually there at the concert. Maybe I am a little biased, because I have seen them live before, but honestly, this is one of the few concert CDs I want to listen to more than once. If you love catchy tunes, Australian accents, cheeky banter, and great musicians, I recommend you go out and buy this album today!

I give this album 5 owls up!