By: Jimmy Sears

Outside the continental United States lies the state of Alaska, and from Alaska are The Rebuttals, who describe themselves as a “powerhouse band” with a versatile arsenal of hard rock and acoustic goodness. The band features Nathan Madsen on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Brad Swenson as lead guitar, Johnny Crabb on rhythm guitar, Travis Hedwig on the bass and Mike McCormick playing the drums. With inspirations such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Tom Petty, these boys rock along the rocky road with their album, “Long Way Down,” to give folks a good ‘ol time.

The Rebuttals promise variety here, and they deliver. Some songs are so different that it’s surprising they’re from the same band. “Get Off of My Lawn” is a break-up song where the singer describes his significant other as a “creature of habit” and “insane,” leading to the suggestion that both break up. Despite the lyric’s harsh tone, the tune is upbeat, likely to suggest the sarcastic sincerity Madsen elicits. “I Already Know” has an industrial rock sound that resembles Nine Inch Nails. Each section pounds out the beats with extreme prejudice while Madsen sings with a metallic overlay. Madsen shouts “I can’t stand to break down again,” with pauses for emphasis. Definitely the heaviest song on the album.

The Rebuttals brand themselves as a band with variety, and that’s exactly what the listener will get here. Most of their tracks hold their own to keep the listener’s attention because of the variety with each track. The Rebuttals’ “Long Way Down” gets 4 owls out of 5.

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