By: Tyler Hall | October 27, 2015

The scene was set, 7 P.M. in Lynchburg, VA. Under the lights in front of 25,000 screaming fans, where the Kennesaw State Owls took on the Liberty Flames for the first time in school history. Kennesaw came in after clinching their first Big South win with confidence and inspiration to take on the favored Liberty Flames who have won the Big South three times in four years. While the Liberty Flames came in struggling, after losing two tough games to Gardner Webb and Monmouth, which has left people wondering if Liberty will even compete for a Big South birth this year.

The games started with an unexpected twist, Kennesaw State sliced through Liberty’s defense and scored on the opening drive with no trouble at all. The stadium looked on edge as the fans looked on with a face of fear. Would this be another Big South loss where the Flames would fail to take the first punch and get back up? Liberty answered that question on the next drive by airing the ball out and putting seven points on the board. Liberty would end up dropping 24 points on the board at halftime, a season high for the team. The Liberty Flames had come to play and ready to defend Williams Stadium.

An interesting story that continued to develop was the incredible facilities that Liberty had for all their sports programs and how well maintained they were. Kennesaw State should strive to have facilities like these and build after Liberty. The whole atmosphere surrounding the program is incredible, and Kennesaw is hoping to have similar success. For Kennesaw, the success of the program will most likely encourage new facilities, more fan support and more national exposure. Kennesaw needs the fans, and they need them there loud, early and them there the entire game. This is instrumental in developing a program that will grow into something that is like Liberty’s program. The fans are key, and my final message is that they are the make or break for any program.