Jordon Suber

Lil Durk’s mixtape, “Love Songs For the Streets,” was released February 28. The mixtape has features from Young Thug, YFN Lucci and others. This mixtape consist of nine songs and on production, lil Durk sought out the talents of a few lesser known producers, such as TyMadeIt, Chopsquard DJ and S Breezy just to name a few. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Drama and DJ Bandz. Lil Durk has been releasing mixtapes constantly and hopefully we can see an album in the future. This mixtape is a successor to his 2016 releases: “lil Durk 2.0” and “They Forgot.” “Lil Durk 2.0″ had a smash hit with his then-girlfriend, Dej Loaf “My Beyoncé.” Let’s hope without the leading woman in his life he can muster out the bars and have a project with nothing but fire songs.

“Love Songs For the Streets” is the typical lil Durk release. Lil Durk does not differentiate himself from its usual flow. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Lil Durk fails to try a new sound and reinvent himself. In a market where rappers are trying different, new and exciting things every day, the Chicago-born rapper will have a hard time keeping up with his fellow rappers. The songs on the mixtape all sound alike, and none really stand out from the crowd. If you listen to this mixtape, it will not entice you to want more. On the contrary it feels like a mixtape that you have heard a million times over. The 9-project mixtape will not be in my playlist. I encourage everyone to listen to the mixtape a few times and formulate your own opinion. This is my initial reaction to the mixtape and after giving it a few listens, my opinion of the mixtape did not change. Here’s to lil Durk having a successful 2017 and trying something new that will give him a competing chance with other rappers.