By: Locke Hoover

 On Tuesday night the Atlanta Braves had a comfortable four run lead in the top of the night when Luis Avilan went down with an injured to his hamstring. Luis Avilan has pitched great ever since he has been called up last year and has continued his success this year. Avilan has given the Braves a second lefty in the bullpen and done a great job replacing Jonny Venters who is on the disable list. As the Braves are in the early portion of the season and this great start they are off to hopefully if the Avilan has to be put on the disable list the Braves won’t miss a beat. Quite frankly I don’t see why they won’t miss a beat because of the role they have been on and because of the recent acquisition of Luis Ayala. I believe he can fill the same role as Luis Avilan has felt for this Braves bullpen. If Avilan has to go on the disable list the Braves will be down to Eric O’ Flaherty as the only lefty in the bullpen which could hurt them especially in the NL East against the Philly’s and Nationals.