Erin KG
   The biggest and most money grossed boxing fight to this date was Saturday night when Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez stepped into the boxing ring. Many had thought the 23 year old, strong fighter from Mexico, Alvarez had a strong chance of beating Mayweather. Mayweather put all the talk to rest easily clearly playing with Alvarez in the ring and putting on a boxing and defensive clinic for the 16 thousand plus fans in attendance. Alvarez could not touch him and rarely landed only a couple face shots to Floyd.
      The 36 year old Undefeated Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. went on to win after 12 rounds and a easy decision for the judges, well at least for two of them. Judges Dave Maretti scored it 116-112 and Craig Metcalfe 117-111 while the last judge C.J. Ross scored it 114-114, everyone including Mayweather who had a few words for the judge was shocked by this. With easy work done in the ring, easy money was retained by Floyd, who got 41.5 million straight up and more to come once the pay-per-view profits is added. Floyd “Money” Mayweather will go down as the best boxer in his generation and maybe ever with no losses on his record and complete dominance over the years.