By Deja Kehinde

Imagine winning the lottery for $600 million—what would you do? Michael Aristotle takes us on the journey of a man from the east side who wins the lottery and is now facing a new lifestyle due to his boost in financial status. The East Chain rapper starts the project in a dream, which he wakes up from. He checks the lottery and sees that his dreams of drowning in money are now a reality.

The 17-track LP is narrated by Tane Runo and features guests like Deante’ Hitchcock, Ladonnis, Farra Aki, Jaque Beatz and Da Kidd Half. The project is carried by crazy flows, slick wordplay and even crazier production from executive producer Wili Hendrix. You can’t help but nod your head to every track. Surrounded by newfound wealth, Aristotle learns that possessions don’t ensure happiness and the story closes with him finding self-love.

Stand-out tracks include “Lottery,” “Lil Engine,” “2 Much,” “Make It Thru,” “Swimming Lessons,” “Door Bell Ring” and “Slum Dogs.” Michael Aristotle surely delivers and seeing the album performed live made me appreciate it even more.