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News Comments Off on KSU Jazz Ensemble Concert

KSU Jazz Ensemble Concert

The Kennesaw State University Jazz Ensemble will be performing their first concert of the year this Wednesday October 24th at 8pm. The Jazz Ensemble will be located in Morgan Hall in the Bailey Performance Center. Tickets are on sale now.

News Comments Off on Music Midtown Rocks Piedmont

Music Midtown Rocks Piedmont

By Krishona Ford


ATLANTA, Ga., Sep 24, 2012 — The crowd was so large approaching Piedmont Park last weekend that the Atlanta Police Department shut down 10th Street entirely just to accommodate the pedestrian traffic. A swarm of eager fans walked briskly to the entrance, most with water bottles, portable lawn chairs, and their best sing-a-long voices in tow.


Just last year, Music Midtown reemerged after a six year hiatus and blew crowds away with performances from some of their favorite well-known artists, such as Cold Play, Cage the Elephant, and Manchester Orchestra. With a bit more variety on the roster and a sold-out second day, Music Midtown 2012 made it clear that the music entertainment we‘ve all been missing is back and here to stay. With so many different musical flavors to divulge in, all of the performances were their own brand of awesome, but there were a few performances that left an impression on me and solidified my return for next year’s show.




“Midtown, what’s happening?” was my introduction to T.I’s round on the stage, followed by a roar of cheers and screams in return.
The Atlanta native and self-proclaimed “King of the South” delivered a performance midway through day one that sure got the crowd moving. He performed a handful of his older hits including “Rubberband Man”, ”You Don’t Know Me”, and “Whatever You Like” for satisfied fans as they recited the lyrics and threw hands in the air for every song.
T.I. also performed a new song called “Go Get It” from his upcoming album entitled Trouble Man, and the audience was pretty receptive to the new tune. His performance of the popular song “Live Your Life” seemingly turned into an anthem with the audience before humbly thanked his fans and left the stage. He definitely knows how to alternate between getting his audience pumped and simply engaging them with his lyricism, successfully balancing the smooth demeanor and hard-hitting sound his music is known for.



The Avett Brothers

Before the fest, I was completely unfamiliar with the Avett Brothers’ music, and quite honestly, their existence. As I approached the stage and got a taste of these guys, the love flowing to the stage from the fans below quickly began to all made sense. Equipped with a gang of cool string instruments, they graced the stage with a country/rock sound and interesting song topics that bridged a generational gap. Their sound transcended age range and just plain entertained everybody.
One number interestingly entitled “Paul Newman vs. the Demons” encouraged a bit of line dancing in more spacious areas of the crowd. Young and old fans alike proceeded to join arms, kick their feet and show us rookies how to step it out. Though I would not consider myself the biggest fan of anything bluegrass or country, I even found myself nodding my head and tapping a toe or two.



Foo Fighters

Closing the first day of the event with the Foo Fighters was an obvious choice considering that they have been an absolute force for almost 20 years. Awaiting their appearance, the tightly-packed crowd was a sea of heads spanning the distance between the vending area all the way down a large hill and up to the stage. One guy held up a license plate with “Foo Rox” engraved in the metal, and a chant broke out urging the band to end the suspense and perform already. And then, they walked out and blew everyone away. As lead guitarist and singer Dave Grohl led in performing “All My Life” and “My Hero,” I just couldn’t contain myself amongst the head-banging and unity that surrounded me.
My absolute favorite moment was witnessing all of the sheer talent displayed during their ridiculously complicated yet seamless solos. Each member of the band took a moment to display their musical talents on their respective instruments, ending with a mind-blowing drum solo from Taylor Hawkins. As they blew up his image on the screen, we all got an up-close and personal view of his physical strength and absolute power simultaneously coordinating every limb to create a blast of beating sound. To top it all off, he did it all while flawlessly singing backup. The Foo Fighters definitely gained a whole new level of respect from me.




Ludacris, another Georgia native, took the stage and showed that the pleasure of his fans was his sole priority. The bass and excitement in voice commanded complete attention as he consulted with the crowd and allowed their requests to guide his set. His show was composed of some earlier hits of his such as “What’s Your Fantasy”, “Stand Up” and a multitude of others. He also gave the crowd snippets of other artists’ music, easily reeling in the female audience with his feature verse and the chorus of Fergie’s “Glamorous”.
“We know our time is up, but we’re just going to keep going until y’all want us to leave,” he yelled, yielding totally to the respect and satisfaction of his fans and knowingly proceeding to perform well past the time allotted for his performance. He concluded his set to a grand applause and made me regret not taking advantage of seeing him live in concert sooner.



Girl Talk

When I saw Girl Talk on the roster for Music Midtown, I just automatically assumed it was probably a cute girl band. Low and behold, I came to find the highlight of my entire experience event in this guy who turned out to be a mashup DJ that I’d prefer to call a musical scientist. His set was the most exhilarating, eye-catching and attention grabbing performance I have seen to date, and I actually spent most of his performance jumping up and down and fist-pumping my tail off. Anyone who can seamlessly combine Gwen Stefani and Cash Out or Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” with a super pop Kylie Minogue-esque production deserves proper recognition. He mixed the tracks right there on the stage, illuminated with a neon light show and surrounded by stage full of random dancing people. Girl Talk’s mashup mix turned Music Midtown to a full-fledged party, and I walked away from it all completely amped, amazed, and downright beat.


Overall, I would definitely say that Music Midtown is definitely reclaiming its place in the annual event structure of Atlanta. When you mix a good crowd and good entertainment, at the very least, you end up with a good time. It was a little bit of everything for everyone, and I’m anxious to see what next year will bring.

Sports Blog Comments Off on A Thought On The MLB Playoffs

A Thought On The MLB Playoffs

By: Spencer Orlin

KENNESAW, Ga. (Oct. 3, 2012) – I love watching basketball. And next to the MLB, the NBA might be the most entertaining. The competitiveness and athleticism of the game make professional basketball infinitely exciting. But with all the good that there is in the NBA, there is one thing about the league that I absolutely cannot stand: the playoff system. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Out of the thirty teams in the NBA, SIXTEEN make the playoffs. Routinely, there are teams who qualify for the postseason, despite playing sub-.500 basketball over the course of an 82 game season. Rewarding that kind of mediocrity with a chance to win a National Championship is one of the most absurd displays in all of professional sports.

This year, Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig has implemented an expansion of the current playoff system. Instead of three division winners and one “wild card” winner in each league (a format that has been in place since divisional realignment in the mid 90’s), there will now be two wild cards for both the National and American leagues. These two teams play each other in a one-game playoff to determine who advances to the NLDS. While some may view this expansion as a positive, placing greater importance on winning your division. While I do agree with that argument, the negatives associated with expansion far outweigh the positives.

Anybody with any common sense at all should be able to see the primary reason for baseball’s playoffs expansion. To make the game more competitive? Of course not. No, the main reason for what is occurring this October can be found in Selig’s wallet. Money, obviously. Simple observation shows that 162 games with a “play-in” generates more income than 162 without that game (the added excitement and coverage of the wild card game only adds to the haul). Clearly, more money is better than less money, even if it threatens the integrity of baseball. More on that later.

Now, there is no way for me or anybody else to know exactly how these two wild cards game will be received once October 5th has passed, but I think it is a safe assumption to say that there is going to be at least one fan base that will be very upset as a result of a blown call, in game decision, error or any other kind of variable that can impact a single game. Anything can happen, and I personally guarantee that the best, most deserving team in each league will not advance to the “actual” postseason. I just hope and pray that that team is not the Braves.

Before I continue, a short disclaimer is needed. I am not a die-hard baseball fundamentalist. I believe that changes are necessary to keep the game up to pace with our ever-changing society. But these changes should never challenge the integrity of our pastime. And that is exactly what is happening with current playoff expansion. When the NBA began allowing more than half of its teams, the line between elite and average was blurred. Now, like I said earlier, teams that lose more than half of their games still have a chance to make the playoffs. That’s just wrong. While baseball hasn’t quite reached that point yet, the early makings of it can be seen. This year’s Philadelphia Phillies were one of the many below average teams in the National League all year. At one point, they sat 17.5 games behind in the NL East. A team like that should never have an opportunity to make the playoffs. Yet, in early September, they trailed the 2nd Wild Card leading Cardinals by only 3 games. While the Phillies have since been eliminated from playoff contention, the fact that they were within striking distance was appalling.

Baseball has always been the classiest major professional sport in the United States. This has been achieved largely because of the classic elements of the game, such as a select number of teams playing in October. With the new expansion of MLB playoffs, that element of the game is being challenged. I can only hope that expansion stops here, before the baseball postseason is just another version of basketball.

News Comments Off on Two Dude Reviews: Dredd 3D

Two Dude Reviews: Dredd 3D

Reviewed by: Carl DeBeer and Sean Rocaway

Carl: Dredd 3D takes the mega-crime, mega-grime, Mega-City and pours on the Ultra Violence. The film stars Karl Urban as the renowned Judge Dredd — judge, jury, and executioner on the streets of Mega-City. He has the right to sentence any criminal without the need of a trial. Dredd gets lumped with a rookie Judge who didn’t pass her exams yet is allowed to join the Hall of Justice due to extensive psychic powers. The two of them investigate a triple homicide at one of the Megablocks, 200-story-tall apartment complexes, named Peach Trees. The local gang locks down the entire building and Dredd and the rookie Anderson must fight floor by floor searching for justice.

Rocaway on Movie V. Comic: In correlation to the graphic novels and comic book series this Judge Dredd movie holds no punches. Minus a few liberties here and there, this Judge Dredd movie would do any fan of the comic series justice. The casual movie watcher will not understand the basis of most of the humor or the gore, but at it essence that is what Dredd fans have come to enjoy from the franchise and was not present in the 1995 Judge Dredd starring Sylvester Stallone.

Carl: The level of violence in Dredd is ridiculously over the top. The movie makes use of the patented slow-motion violence scenes with bullets moving through cheeks at a tenth the speed of time. The story works in these slow-mo death scenes by explaining that a new drug slows down the users perception of time — a bit weak, but acceptably enough for the moviegoer. The instant judging of criminals rings with the current protests over legal rights of citizens, terrorists, and juveniles.

Rocaway on Plot V. Gore: When you have one you really don’t need the other. Dredd finds a mixture of both and uses it to propel the store forward. Some will debate the plot of the movie, but in line with it rebirthing the franchise and attempting to stand apart from its 1995 predecessor, Dredd (2012) does both well.

Carl: As a remake, I was worried that this movie would simply be the old film but with new and improved graphics. Dredd embraced the same mythos that the original used, but adapted a different story from the Judge Dredd comics. Overall I found the movie entertaining and fun. The acting was decent enough, especially when Karl Urban only had the lower third of his face to use to express the three emotions Dredd feels – anger, condescension, and disgust. I give this film 3 and a half stars.

Sports Blog Comments Off on NL Cy Young

NL Cy Young

By: Locke Hoover

KENNESAW, Ga. (Sept. 29, 2012) — The Cy Young is an award every pitcher strives to win during there career. It is a great achievement in a pitchers career. This award means they are the best pitcher in the league. I am going present four candidates case for winning to Cy young and then tell you who I think should win the award. The four pitchers I think should be considered are R.A. Dickey, Gio Gonzalez, Craig Kimbrel, and Matt Cain. The first candidate is R.A. Dickey. Dickey has a 2.66 ERA 20 wins five complete games over 200 strikeouts and well over 200 innings. Batters are hitting .223 against him and he is 7-5 after the all-star break. Dickey has had a career year and the knuckleballer has a great chance at winning the award. Gio Gonzalez is a 20 game winner with a 2.84 ERA. He has over 200 strikeouts and will have over 200 innings pitched (193.1) when the season is over. Opponents are hitting .204 against him and he is 8-5 after the all-star break. Craig Kimbrel has 40 saves in 43 chances, a 1.04 ERA and has pitched 60.1 innings. Kimbrel has 111 strikeouts in 60 games pitched and opponents are hitting .126 against him. After the all-star break in 27.1 innings he has a .66 ERA with 15 saves and 55 strikeouts. Matt Cain is the fourth and final candidate in the running for the Cy young. In Cain’s 31 starts he has 16 wins and a 2.77 ERA. He has thrown over 200 innings pitched and will have over 200 strikeouts (191) when the season ends. Opponents are hitting .222 against him. He is 7-2 after the all- star break with a 2.97 ERA.
There are the four candidates stat breakdowns and now I will tell you whom I think should win the Cy. Gonzalez is tied for first in wins, fourth in strikeouts, seventh in walks, sixth in ERA, sixth in WHIP, seventh in winning percentage, and fourth in complete games. He is on a division leading team has had a great year. He has a great case to make but in some peoples opinion he is not the best pitchers on his own team, so how can if win a Cy if this is the case? Kimbrel has had a great year as a closer. He leads the lead in saves and has the most strikeouts as a reliever since 1990. He has been light all year and just going by the eye test has been on of the best pitchers in the game. Cain is fifth in wins, second in innings pitched, eighth in innings pitched, fourth in ERA, second in WHIP, fourth in winning percentage, and fourth in complete games. Cain is on a division winning team and has been a horse all season for the Gaints. Dickey is tied for first in wins, first in innings pitched, first in strikeouts, second in ERA, third in WHIP, second in winning percentage, and first in complete games. Dickey is pitching for a losing team, which will hurt his chances, but to me that is why he should win the Cy. Dickey has 20 wins on a team that has only won 72 games. So there you go folks you 2012 Cy Young winners is R.A. Dickey.