By: Mizzani Walker- Holmes

With guitar in hand and undeniable soulful melodies, the talented and copasetic Tyler Porch Band gave an amazing show to lucky attendees. Friday, October 24th, 2014. Tyler Porch, the lead guitarist, vocalist and front man of the Tyler Porch Band surpassed all expectations as he shred his Gipson guitar to songs from musical greats such as Steve Vaughn, Nirvana and Jonny Cash. The audience was delighted to hear both original songs from their new album entitled “Only the Sky Knows” and musical requests preformed by the band. All in all, this Georgia born band is comprised of three very talented young men that have stated  “music has been a major part of their lives and stands as the universal language of love.” The trios soulful sound and unbelievable instrumental improvisation is unique and a fascinating art . It is irrefutable beyond a shadow of a doubt that their passion for making amazing music captivated the audience that ranged from young to old. I myself could not help but dance all night, and it was truly amazing to hear the constant cheering, admiration and excitement that flowed from the crowd and enveloped the room. This was definitely an experience I will never forget.