Erin Keith-Grogan


 The highly anticipated 2013-2014 NBA season is set to take off with exciting games on tonight’s schedule. First of the three games you will see the Indian Pacers host the Orlando Magic. The Pacers come into this season with high expectations after getting their shooting gaurd Danny Granger back after sitting out all of last year, resigning their star player Paul George and signing a very talented power forward in Louis Scola. Orlando on the other hands is starting from scratch and are excited about their first round pick gaurd Victor Oladepo.
            In the second game of the NBA season the Miami Heat will be hosting the Chicago Bulls. This is the game everyone and there mother will be watching tonight as Derrick Rose returns to the court after missing all of last season to face the MVP, Lebron James. This will be a very entertaining game because these two teams always play each other very hard and are known to not like each other after past games.
         Last but not least the battle of Los Angeles. The new look LA Lakers will have the home court tonight when facing the Chris Paul and Doc Rivers Clippers at 10:00 pm. Kobe is not set to play so I really don’t see Cp3, Blake Griffin and Jamal Crawford losing  but with some new young talent in Nick Young who played for the Clippers two years ago, the Lakers have a chance.