By: Dumaka Moultrie |10-27-15
The NBA season is today. Oh what a time to be alive. As the season approaches I want to give a breakdown of the storylines and whats new to the NBA this season. From the new crop of ballers being developed. To season veterans trying to reach the ultimate goal of a nba championship. The NBA season is going to be full of excitement.
One of the first storylines to think of for the NBA season is the development and the passing of the torch of the older generation to the new one. From Kevin Garnett passing it to Karl Anthony-Towns, from Kobe Bryant passing it to D’angelo Russell, to Dwayne Wade passing it to Justise Winslow. The early 2000 basketball we grew up watching is now slowly transitioning to a new wave of basketball. Seeing all this young talent having the opportunity to be groomed by an older group of champions is going to be interesting to see.
Another storyline to watch are the younger group of veterans coming back this year hungry  for another crack at a championship ring. Steph Curry coming back to defend his championship ring with his team mostly in tact from last year. Anthony Davis coming off a MVP candidate season is looking to win the trophy this year along with attempting to bring a championship to New Orleans. Kevin Durant coming off of his foot injury is finally healthy and ready to team up with Russell Westbrook to get another shot at Winning a championship ring.  Damian Lillard losing his long time teammate Lamarcus Aldridge is going to lead Portland to hopefully another playoff run.
Another storyline to follow is the New Faces in New places. The Lakers in Free-Agency were very busy acquiring several new players such as Roy Hibbert, Lou williams, and the artist formerly known as Ron Artest. The San Antonio Spurs who many say were the winners in free agency landing Lamarcus Aldridge and David West automatically making them the best front court in the NBA. The clippers made strides as well gaining Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith, and Paul Pierce. Teams have been gearing up to Win an NBA championship so we’ll see how this plays out.
To tie a bow on this NBA season its going to be like the last few years very interesting to say the least. The usual power houses have been slown down some and I think the same will continue. The Spurs are going to be a force in the NBA this year but of course there are 82 games to play. The Hawks have made moves that should keep them in the top 3 seed. Tune in tonight for the season opener of the NBA