By Jimmy Sears

Swedish DJ Neiked has burned up the Top 40 list with his debut single, “Sexual.” Amazingly this single came out of nowhere, claiming a spot in the top 10 hits. This week I gave “Sexual” a listen, and probably its strongest point relates to its aquatic sound bundled with catchy vocals to create an easy-listening track.

We begin the track with ambient chords that illicit an out-of-body experience. These chords repeat throughout the track layered with a simple beat. The simple melody is actually its strongest point because, before one knows it, the track ends. Let me be frank, there’s nothing complicated here, which, ironically, is also a detractor. However, I must clarify that it’s more of a strength than a weakness. Probably the strongest point is the vocals, which also make the track addictive. Hearing “we should be sexual” is oddly pleasurable for reasons I won’t get into.

With this in mind, it may be easier to see why this track has suddenly erupted in popularity. However, I feel its simplicity brings it down only slightly, but it’s still worth a listen.

3 1/2 owls out of 5.