Tre Lamb

The NBA season is less than two months away, with new rules changing the game every year it seems that the league is close to coming up yet with another alternative. This season the NBA will attempt to put nicknames on the back of jerseys when the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets play each other. Both teams have been informed by the league office that they will consider doing this in one of the four matchups in which they will play. Players that may be entitled to this include Lebron James, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. These nicknames will be viewed as King James, Shuttlesworth, the truth, and KG. It is unclear on how many times both will wear the nickname jerseys or whether they would wear them against other opponents.

By the NBA considering letting these teams participate in this shows a growth in the league being that they are willing to adjust to please the fan base. This will give people who are not familiar with nicknames for superstars a chance to realize who they are a little bit more. The nicknames make it more about the individual, it’s still a team sport but players will also be able to represent their team, family, and themselves.