By: Mizzani Walker-Holmes

Back with fierce vengeance, the legendary Sleater-Kinney strikes the indie rock scene once more with their new album, No Cities to Love. In just 10 songs that each peak a little over four minutes, Sleater-Kinney does much more than revive their old band. They remind their listeners of why they became fans in the first place.

After nearly a decade and eight records, Sleater-Kinney returns with a refreshing dose of originality and lyrical omnipotence in an era of constant cheap reformations. There is more of a catchy sound to this album rather than an unmatched, rich simplicity and holistic vitality. With sleek songs such as “A New Wave,” Sleater-Kinney triumphantly pulls the plug on their past and unapologetically kicks in the doors to their future.

Musically this album embodies every rhythmic flair with an aerodynamic chorus and jarring clarity of all musical elements necessary to produce an amazing album with killer sound. With a fearless middle finger salute, Sleater-Kinney delivers a classic rebellion against conventional “poptimisim,” pioneers a new wave of restless rule breaking and rallies the return of the iconic rocker sound.