By Jordon Suber

Yung Renzel, a.k.a. the biggest boss you done seen so far, a.k.a. Rick Ross is back with his new song, “No Uturns.” Ross dropped his newest single on September 12.

There’s not too much information on this as far as if this is a single off of a new album or mix tape to be released in the near future. With Ross, you never know. A memorable quote from this song is “ain’t no u-turns on the block, you switch sides you betta stay there.” The track is very Rozay-esque and it is what you would come to expect from Ross. Overall this is a nice tune and he makes one thing clear here: If you switch up on the Boss, you better stay with the other side.

However, I will give this 2.5 owls out 5 because “No Uturns” lacks originality in that it sounds like his other music. If you’re a fan of Ross, you will like this. If you only occasionally listen to him, I wouldn’t put this on my playlist.