Hey guys, its Terrell Singleton, here with your KSU Owl Radio New Update for October 1, 2013

OOOOOO? It’s the first day of the spookiest month . Halloweens right around the

corner so don’t get too scared about this update. Actually according to tradition, if a person wears his or

her clothes inside out and then walks backwards on Halloween, he or she will see a witch at midnight. I

won’t be wearing my clothes inside out

Today from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM, there will be a Ecology seminar, in the Clendenin bldg.. rm. 1009. The

seminar series focuses on biological topics at whole-organism and higher scales of organization. Basically

you wanna know how life is, you’re gonna wanna be here.

So it’s a Tuesday night, and your stuck at home babysitting? All you hear all night is “stop, leave me

alone, wheres my mommy” You should take a break and go to The Bailey Performance Center 8-10

p.m., where the Philharmonic Concert band, will be performing. Oh yeah I guess you should bring the


Well guys, that’s all I have for today, This Terrell Singleton signing off with your Owl Radio News update,

Remember have a Trendy Tuesday!