Hi, I’m Molly Silverman here with the KSU Owl Radio News Update for Monday,

October 7, 2013.

Tomorrow is the release of Panic! At The Disco’s new album, Too Weird To Live,

Too Rare To Die. Now, if you can’t contain your excitement, which I know you

can’t, the whole album is on youtube. I guess they really didn’t want you to panic

at the disco while waiting for their album to come out.

Today at 4 pm, Dr. Thomas A. Scott has a book launch and signing for his book,

“Kennesaw State University: The First Fifty Years 1963-2013” in the Sturgis

Library. Our school has so much history and culture, why wouldn’t you want to

go to this event? Oh wait, everyone wants to go! Such great school spirit we owls


That is all for Monday, October 7, 2013. This is Molly Silverman for the KSU Owl

Radio News Update. Have a fantastic day!