By Jimmy Sears

A five-year absence brings about the return of Electric Guest, who released their first album in 2012. Their latest album, “Plural,” is the result of scrapping an entirely different album, which had to have been a huge toil for the band. Regardless, with immense effort, they return with a huge heart in hand hoping their music will get those who are down and turn their world upwards to lift their spirits.

My first impression was that the first track, “Zero’s” light, easy piano play and slow pace along with Asa Taccone’s high-pitched vocals felt somewhat conflicted, however the song picked up towards the end. As the song reaches its end, it concludes with a peaceful chord. This serves as a transition to “Glorious Warrior,” which is a bright track outlaid with a fast-paced tick along with a smooth beat that resembles a Florida sunset in the 80s.

Transitioning into track 3, “Back and Forth,” it becomes apparent that “Plural’s” strength lies within its variety and attempts to mix things up with its track placement, and each track tries to be original from the last. Perhaps my favorite track is “Sarah,” which may best resemble Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound”; Synthesized drums, whistles, violin plucks, along with Toccone’s excellent vocal performance adorns this track to make for an astounding fair. Overall, I’m happy to say that “Plural” proved to be a good round-about, because each track brings something different, which makes me appreciate “Electric Guest’s” craft.