Make A Public Service Announcement

Owl Radio wants to hear about your activities and events, and broadcast them for you. Please give us a general description, as well as the time and place.

Keep in mind the following criteria:

  • The event must be open to the public.
  • Owl Radio gives primary emphasis to KSU student organization events such as performances, lectures, concerts, exhibits, public meetings, volunteer activities, and educational, recreational and health-oriented opportunities.
  • Secondary preference is given to any KSU activity or event that does not charge a fee.
  • Events and groups that charge a fee receive less consideration, followed by all other submissions – however, all submissions will be given airplay, if possible.

Submission Procedures:

  • Information should be submitted using this online form, fax or regular mail, at least two weeks prior to the event. Owl Radio does not accept PSA information over the phone.
  • Materials submitted should contain necessary information, including date, time and place of the event, sponsoring organization, and contact persons name and phone number. Please limit the event description to less than 650 characters or 115 words.
  • KSU Owl Radio reserves the right to edit and rephrase information received to fit our broadcast style, and not to accept any material it deems not of public interest.
  • If the date or time of your event is changed, or it is postponed or canceled, PLEASE let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Otherwise, we may continue to announce incorrect information, which is bad both for us and for your group or event.

How to get us your PSA:

  • Submit information using the online form below.
  • Submit information by fax to 470-578-9165.
  • Submit information by mail to: 
KSU Owl Radio: Announcements,
 Kennesaw State University, 
MB# 0501,
 395 Cobb Ave NW,
 Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591

Organizations and businesses desiring regular, guaranteed mention on the air (prerecorded or live) may purchase underwriting announcements or advertising. Please contact KSU Student Media (KSUSM) at 470-578-6470 for more information.