By: Carlos Garcia

Don’t you know about the Birds? Well, everybody should know that Radio Birds is the word. . Coming at you from our very own Atlanta, GA, they are one of the most exciting acts of our time.

This flock of rock includes Colin Dean on drums, Jaz Dixon on guitar, Justin Keller on vocals as well as guitar and Chase Lamondo on vocals and bass. Despite the fact that each member comes from a different musical background, they all come together in the name of rock ‘n’ roll to create passionate and electrifying music. In fact, their new VEP self-titled Radio Birds is nothing short of rockin’. The album can be described as energetic, soulful and cutting edge.

The album erupts with a song titled “Intro” which immediately evokes images of a youthful summer twilight spent with your best friends driving through town with the windows down enjoying the wonders of life.  It’s a perfect set-up to the rest of the album’s tracklist.

Amelia: This song begins with an over-driven guitar riff following a steady beat and gentle vocals. However, the chorus explodes into a roaring clamor of woahs and ohs which make the listener want to jump up and down with a fist in the air while singing along.

Voices of Reason: This one has dual vocals harmonizing brilliantly over crunchy guitar riffs, a steady back beat and a few other surprises along the way.  It’s reminiscent of great bands such as The Clash and builds up towards a monumental climax at the end.

Long Way Down:  Perfect for road trips. The lyrics are full of emotion, and the drums will make you fall in love.

Uptown Girl: Rock ‘n’ roll perfection. The instrumentals in this song are super groovy with bluesy syncopation and a tremendous bass line. The high-pitched and aggressive vocals will leave you speechless thinking how much this guy rocks.

I’m to Blame: Slow and peaceful. The song starts out like a rock ballad with remoreseful vocals  and then builds to become really passionate and beautiful.

Heart Made of Gold:  Incredible. It has an indie-punk feel at the beginning, transforms into a classic rock masterpiece, and then closes as a post-modern psychedelic wonderland at the end.  Simply mind blowing.

Time for a Change: The band couldn’t have chosen a better way to end the EP.  The song has a country feel and evokes images of nostalgia and departure building up to an inspiring anthem for change. The a-capella vocals are the best part of this song.

What makes Radio Birds so great is their ability to combine different musical styles into rock ‘n’ roll masterpieces.

“Jaz grew up playing bluegrass,” singer Justin Keller explains. “Chase was playing with a hardcore band called Whoremouth when he started playing with us.  I grew up listening to James Taylor and Simon and Garfunkel and was really chasing the singer-songwriter path … and I’m pretty sure Colin has played just about everything under the sun.”

Radio Birds is exciting and innovative because there is something for everyone.  Raise your antennas, turn up the volume and press play because the Radio Birds are soaring high above the airwaves.

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