By Jimmy Sears

The appeal of electronica is rooted in its versatility, and while electronica can come off as repetitive, the always potential for a new sound. Savlonic, now two albums in as of their September 19 release, the Kickstarter-funded “Neon,” show a good variety in their music. While their facebook page claims they are “Dance/ Electronic/ Disco/ Techno whatever you wanna call it,” they “don’t really know.” While we contemplate their true genre, let’s dip into their newest release.

The album begins with “Broken,” which starts out as static, but cleanly transitions into a futuristic concoction of metallic techno. The tempo remains steady while Savlonic’s progression keeps the track lit up like electricity through a wire. Stepping into the second track, “Hi-Lights,” an intergalactic surrounding comes into play while a spaced-out air fills the intro before drops of synths and beeps cultivate the music. “Grinder” is one of the faster tracks that starts off slowly before the charge is increased. “Grinder” borrows some dubstep sounds, but the extremity of the track manages to pump out the momentum.

Whatever one could consider Savlonic, I can say with confidence that they have an excellent vibe in their music that shows the appeal of electronica to non-fans.

4 1/2 out of 5 owls.