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 eric dias

“The Eric Dias Show” with Eric Dias • Mondays 2pm to 4pm.

The Eric Dias Show delves into national politics and how current events affect KSU and the local communities.

“The Know Name Show” with Tyler Gragg • Mondays 4pm-6pm

The Know Name Show is all about getting to know everyone and anyone. Everybody has a story to tell, so why not listen? Your host, Tyler Gragg, brings on a guest every week and just gets to know them. Join us for fun, excitement, and intrigue.

“Space Station” with King Tobot • Mondays 8pm-10pm

Space Station and its commanding DJ, King Tobot, take listeners on weekly thematic aural voyages across the music universe by mixing classic rock, hard rock, progressive rock, jam band rock and blues.



“Moriah in the Making” with Moriah Love • Tuesdays 2pm to 4pm

Moriah in the Making is a show that allows viewers to get tuned in to the conversation about relationships, entertainment, and our local Kennesaw State University news. Your host Moriah Love will be giving you her thoughts and ideas that give viewers an insight into women. By tuning in, Moriah Love will make sure that you’re not only connected with her and her guests but create memorable and everlasting conversations.

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“Rocking the Ages” with DJ Zab • Tuesdays 6pm to 8pm.

Rocking the Ages is a mashup of history and rock and roll from the 60’s and 70’s with a little funk, soul and R&B mixed in for good measure. Great artist like Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Rush, Robin Trower, James Brown, the Allman Brothers and the Beatles are mixed with bits of history and rock and roll history. Each week DJ Zab takes you on a journey back to the first generation of classic rock and roll and the history surrounding it. It’s history, It’s rock and roll and its rock and roll history! It’s Rocking the Ages!

“The Antidote” with Hood Messiah • Tuesdays 8pm to 10pm

Your weekly dose of all things pop culture, sports, social media, and all things dope in Atlanta.



“On the Break” with Dani Jax • Wednesdays Noon to 2pm

On the Break covers basketball at every level. With updates and news from high school, college and professional teams in the state of Georgia, Dani keeps listeners informed on what their favorite teams are up to in both men’s and women’s basketball. Aside from schools in the state, this show will briefly cover other NCAA and professional teams in the country and keep fans up to date on the latest topics surrounding basketball.

The second part of On the Break is interviews – with an athlete, coach or basketball analyst every week to give listeners a different perspective on basketball and their favorite teams.

“Panel by Panel” with Commander John Solo, DJ Owlficial, and E.Z.O • Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm.

When the Force is strong within you and need all the latest news, updates, and a little bit of fun, then tune in to Panel by Panel, the nerdiest and geekiest talk show in the ‘Verse that ranges from hi-fives to Spock sign-offs on Wednesday’s from 6 pm to 8 pm at OWL Radio, Georgia’s #1 Online college radio station. With your hosts, Commander John Solo, The Bombshell, DJ Owlficial, and E.Z.O. PBP is here to make you believe in magic and provide energy that we have to fly the Falcon out of here because we all should know that greatness…comes from small beginnings!




“The Natural Beat” with NaeTheGoat • Thursdays 6pm to 8pm

Tune in to The Natural Beat where I, NaeTheGoat, keep it real with any topic dealing with life, relationships, God, etc. while listening to the hottest R&B and Hip-hop tracks.

“Spanglish: The Remix” with  Kami and Migs • Thursdays 8pm to 10pm

Spanglish: The Remix, hosted by Miguel Santiesteban and Kamila Daza, is the first multicultural show at Owl Radio. In this new and unique show, you will be listening to a remix of Latin American music along with different types of music from all over the world. On Spanglish, you will also enjoy “Word of the day,” which is a segment that will teach you how to use international idioms in different countries and that will help you explore the power of communication. We are all about cultures, so we will be sharing some of the most fascinating news around the world. Get ready and tune in to this amazing adventure.

“Squared Circle Talk” with J-Slam • Thursdays 10pm to Midnight

WELL, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING BROTHER, Squared Circle Talk is a program dedicated to the discussion and celebration of Professional Wrestling. With your host J-Slam, we’ll feature discussions and reviews of the good and bad of WWE’s 8-11 hours of weekly programing, as well as conversations about wrestling’s past, present, and future.  With spring being Wrestlemania season, there is no better time to talk about the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling!