By King Don Da DJ

Hip-hop’s most controversial star, Young Thug, is at it again with the third and rumored to be last installment of his mixtape series, “Slime Season.” The “Slime Season” series is among the best mixtape series ever in hip-hop history and arguably the best mixtape series since Lil Wayne’s “Da Drought” series. Is “Slime Season 3” good enough to continue the greatness set by “Slime Season” and “Slime Season 2”? Let’s see by going through the highlights and lowlights of Thugger’s newest project, “Slime Season 3.”

“Slime Season 3” bangs right from jump with a song called “With Them” that he premiered while modeling at Kanye West’s YEEZY SEASON 3 event earlier this year. This intro sets the tone for the whole album, which is eight songs of what Thug does best—completely TURNING UP the listener. “Slime Season 3” is filled with quotable bars, amazing hooks, quality verses and melodies that will stick to your mind like glue as soon as you hear them. For example, “Digits,” which will most likely be Thug’s next radio smash for the next two to three months, is Young Thug personified in one track. “Digits” is a song that any Young Thug fan could show to a Young Thug “hater” as to why they love Young Thug, because it has all the elements that make Young Thug popular and a favorable artist to his fan base. Although “Digits” and “With Them” are the standout tracks, the other six songs on “Slime Season 3” are way too good to sleep on. “Slime Sh*t” is a hit with a great verse from Yak Gotti. “Problem” is a solid outro for this tape. “Memo” and “Drippin’” were both dope as well. “Tattoo” is still up for debate to me, but it is not a GOD awful song either.

“Slime Season 3” is another solid project from Young Thug and his best of this year so far. If this is the end of the “Slime Season” series, Young Thug left it on a good note and as rap fans, that is all we can ask for out of Young Thugger Thugger. 3 1/2 out of 5 owls