By: Bishop Nesby

Nearly two weeks ago, the hip hop world was set ablaze as Joey Bada$$ and Lupe Fiasco both released albums on the same day. However, just when we thought we had enough heat for the day, New Orleans rap legend Lil Wayne decided to release a project of his own, Sorry 4 The Wait 2. This tape is the second installment of the jackin’ for beats mixtape series from Wayne where he raps over current popular songs. Upon first listen I was relatively surprised. Not by the beat selection or flow, but by the lyrics themselves. Lil Wayne actually had bars throughout this project. He raps in the weird, high-pitched voice all over this tape. Wayne’s voice reminds me of Young Thug. Now that I think about it, it sound like Lil Wayne is doing his best Young Thug impersonation, but the difference lies in the fact that I can actually understand what Lil Wayne is saying.

The tape opens up with Wayne doing a fairly decent job rhyming over O.T. Genesis’ “Coco” beat before leading into Future’s “Sh!t” and  Migos’ “Trap House Jumpin’ Like Jordan” and what is assumed to be an original track titled “Selsun Blue”. The tape continues to remain average okay up until the track “HollyWeezy” which is my personal favorite track on the tape. The beat for this track rides, and as an emcee Wayne sounds good over this beat. The one notable line in this track is where Wayne speaks metaphorically saying “I was a match made in heaven when hell was a pile of wood.” In the same verse Wayne goes on to say, “I’ll run through hell with gasoline draws and stop just to tell the Devil that God is good”

Just when I was starting to like this tape, it proceeds to let me down. The next song on the tape features singer Christina Millian doing her best Beyonce impersonation and she and Wayne cover “Drunk In Love”. If you take away how horrid her singing is on this song, it becomes almost bearable. I understand that she is an attractive woman, but Christina does a horrible job with the sex on the track. She even tried to her own version of the surfboard line from the original by replacing it with skateboard. It’s a pitiful attempt, and I could do without this track altogether.

The rest of the tape was decent. It goes into “You Guessed It” which is good, but the rest of the tape is over beats that I’ve never really cared for including “Alphabet” over Makonnen’s Tuesday. However, I will say one of the final stand out tracks on the tail end of this tape is “Admit It” featuring SNL.

I thought that this was a solid mixtape. Lil Wayne’s fans will be satisfied, and those who hate him will have something to else to add to their list. This tape does a great job showcasing Wayne’s frustration with Cash money Records as he takes shots at the label all over the project. Just take a look at the artwork. It will be interesting to see what “Tha Carter 5” will sound like especially if this mixtape is any indication.