Omid Alaee

On Monday Boston held its annual Marathon, and this year it ended differently. Around three o’clock near the finish line where there were many runners and observer’s two bombs went off in the span of 20 seconds and only 30 yards away from each other. The explosion sent shards of metal, glass and people all over the road. At the scene there were two confirmed deaths and one more later on at the hospital. But there are a total of 176 injured to this day. This is just a sad moment in sports. An event like the Boston marathon people from all over the country and world come together to participate in this event held annually. How can someone do such a thing like this? Are we safe going/participating in sporting events anymore? Sports bring people together and unite us as one. Events like this can really just be inhumane, just to think how someone can plan out an act of terrorism to civilians. I don’t want to fear my life when I go to a sports event. I want to go and enjoy myself and relax. I hope they find out who did this and figure out why they would do such a thing at a event where people come to get away from their daily lives and struggles