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Kayla Hodge

My name is Kayla and I am the general manager at Owl Radio. I am a Senior majoring in Communication with a concentration in Media Studies/Minor in Gender and Women Studies. I am creative, determined, and spontaneous. I want to spread love and peace with whomever I come in contact with. I have an old soul and I love anything old school.

Joshua Leslie

Joshua Leslie is a senior at Kennesaw State University majoring in Communication and the Program Manager at Owl Radio. Joshua is responsible for all on-air content such as shows, sports updates, on-air contest, production liners/PSAs, and music. Joshua’s goal in 5 years is to be a household name in his field. Two fun facts about Joshua is that he loves to sing and loves spending time with family.

Sheldon Harrison

As the Promotions Manager, it is my duty to market Owl Radio and all of it’s glory to the world! In five years, I hope to have graduated with a Master’s Degree in Business, travel the world for at least a few months, and be able to treat my family and friends with my super cool job! … Whatever it is. Fun Facts – 1) I am a super geek. 2) I love to cook.

Doug Malone

Doug is fourth year communications major at KSU and this is his first semester as Sports Director. A diehard Georgia Tech fan, he plans on being emotionally torn when the Yellow Jackets face the Owls on the flats for the first time in 2021. Five years from now, Doug will hopefully be alive in what is bound to be a post apocalyptic society by then. Doug really appreciates all of the members of his team for their help in making him look better than he actually is.

Tré Hardy

Tré Hardy, Owl Radio Music Director and Communication major. My position mostly involves making sure that the music that’s on air is of good quality and resonates with every listener….and partly involves Nerf guns. My plan in five years is to be a music director for a major radio station and to invest in a young start-up company, make millions of dollars and flex on everybody. Two fun fact about me are: I can remember pi to the third digit, and Sometimes I wish Kanye West was my dad.

Joël McRae


Azhane’ Kennedy

Hey! I am NaeTheGoat, formally known as Azhane’ Kennedy, currently serving as KSU Owl Radio’s production director! I am a Senior Communication major with a concentration in Media Studies. The production team creates and edits new underwriting, marketing and promotional content for the station such as liners, news updates, and public service announcements. As the production director, I oversee the production team and have the ability to put my creative juices to work as well. In 5 years, I pray to be traveling the world with my loved ones! Two fun facts about me: I have an unhealthy obsession with hot wings and I cry over really small and cute animals. To hear more from me, tune into my show “The Natural Beat” on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm.

Moriah Shephard

Hello beautiful people. My name is Moriah Shephard and my major is journalism and emerging media. I am the television director of Owl Radio. By assigning shows, approving scripts, assisting members with editing software, and giving feedback, as director I ensure that all of my team members work as one to produce well quality videos. In five years I see my career path with my Bachelors in Journalism and Emerging Media. I will be starting my career either with Atlanta Hawks Sports Broadcasting or with Fox 5 Atlanta News. A couple fun facts about me are I am a huge August Alsina fan! Another fact is that I love to play videogames when I have free time. I’m always positive and hard working in everything I do and I’m gladly honored to be the television director at Owl Radio. Tune into my show “Moriah in the Making” on Tuesday from 2pm-4pm

Tyler Gragg

Tyler Gragg is majoring in Mechatronics Engineering. As the Marietta Campus Tech Director, I seek to allow the Marietta campus to run as smoothly and easily as possible. I am in charge of anything relating to equipment and technology. In 5 years I hope to be working for an engineering firm integrating different aspects of projects into one clean unit. I hope to be working towards bigger and better projects and making the world a safer place through technology. I love to take things apart and put them back together. Currently I’m taking apart a CD/Cassette tape player and seeing how it all works. I also like giving speeches to large groups of people. I love to be talking in a group setting explaining concepts and big ideas. Listen to my show “The Know Name Show” on Mondays from 4pm-6pm.

Alex Turner



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