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Moriah “Love” Shephard

My position of general manager consist of leading other directors and managers to guide Owl Radio as whole to achieve success. Through this leadership I am responsible for the overall operation of the station to ensure communication, vision, and responsibilities are successfully executed. By using motivation, organization, and structure the station continues to thrive. Three special facts about me are: I use to be the television director at Owl Radio, I LOVE pasta, and I LOVE AUGUST ALSINA. Owl Radio means everything to me because I am able to make my dreams come true and also the dreams of others.

Azhane’ Kennedy

What’s up everyone! My name is Azhane’ Kennedy, better known as NaeTheGoat, and I am the current Program Manager at Owl Radio! As Program Manager, I am responsible for the overall sound of the station. I am responsible for any on-air PSAs, radio shows, radio personalities, etc. Also, I manage the production, sports, and music directors and make sure all ideas are executed for the listeners’ enjoyment. Just know that I have an unhealthy obsession with hot wings and I believe my life is a feature film that everyone should tune in to at least once in their life! Owl Radio has been my home for 3 years and I can whole-heartedly call my team FAMILY!

Haydn Ellis

Hello all! My name is Haydn, and I am the Promotions Manager here at Owl Radio Georgia’s number one online college radio station. As promo manager, my role is to be the face of Owl Radio! So basically, I advertise for the station, and I try to make everyone aware of what great things we have to offer as an organization. I’ve been a part of owl radio since my very first semester at KSU, and honestly I have loved every second of it. Owl Radio to me is a place where people can come together for the purpose of producing great content. This is my family, and I love them. #promo

Doug Malone

Doug is fourth year communications major at KSU and this is his first semester as Sports Director. A diehard Georgia Tech fan, he plans on being emotionally torn when the Yellow Jackets face the Owls on the flats for the first time in 2021. Five years from now, Doug will hopefully be alive in what is bound to be a post apocalyptic society by then. Doug really appreciates all of the members of his team for their help in making him look better than he actually is.

Tré Hardy

Tré Hardy, Owl Radio Music Director and Communication major. My position mostly involves making sure that the music that’s on air is of good quality and resonates with every listener….and partly involves Nerf guns. My plan in five years is to be a music director for a major radio station and to invest in a young start-up company, make millions of dollars and flex on everybody. Two fun fact about me are: I can remember pi to the third digit, and Sometimes I wish Kanye West was my dad.

Joël McRae


Corey Fields


Hey! My name is Corey and I oversee the production team. The production team creates liners which go on air and promote the radio. We also create PSAs and promos to help promote events happening on and off campus. I am a freshman and this is my second semester with Owl Radio. I love Bananas. I am chill and laidback for some occasions. I make music and artsy stuff in my free time.

Chad Witcher

Chad Witcher is the Director of the TV Team at Owl Radio, His role includes filming and editing content for the station, running the Owl Radio Youtube page and ensuring that quality videos are uploaded regularly. Owl Radio, to me, means connecting with likeminded individuals to create awesome content for the world to hear and see. Three facts about me are; I just published my first children’s book called “Grace”, I’m a professions “snapchatter”, and I’m the youngest sibling of 6.

Alex Turner

Hey! I’m the Tech Director for Kennesaw’s Campus Station, and I am Senior studying Computer Science. My job involves making sure that all of the Equipment in the station is running correctly, being treated well, and is readily available to those who have permission. I enjoy technology, music, singing, and learning new things (nerd). I am also in the process of looking for a Tech Assistant (Volunteer) who I can train to take over my position once I graduate this Summer (2018). And if anything goes wrong with our 24-7 live online radio broadcast please email me at the address below.

Tyler Gragg

Hi! I’m Tyler and I’m a Mechatronics Engineer. In my spare time I try and build robots and fly a drone around. As the Marietta Campus Tech Director, I seek to allow the Marietta campus to run as smoothly and easily as possible. I make sure that anything that breaks gets fixed and anything that’s working doesn’t break, but I also do a lot of troubleshooting. I am in charge of anything relating to equipment and technology.




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