By Jimmy Sears

Sum 41 returns with their sixth studio album, “13 Voices,” and the epic intensity that defines Sum 41 is still present.

“Fake My Own Death” starts out with a quiet overture of guitar riffs slowed down specifically to ready the listener before the swift movement seeps in to transform the track into a wild ride. The high points of the track are when “You’ve got to take me away” is sung. Also notable is the “Fake My Own Death” music video, which features edited-in stills of Chuck and Red (From Angry Birds fame) along with the infamous Kim Kardashian “oily butt” photo (You know the one.) crashing down like meteors. Among many other stills, it also features Hulk Hogan, Bill O’Reilly and, of course, Donald Trump to add to the hilarity.

Then we have “War,” which is less intense than “Fake My Own Death” with war-esk claps at the beginning, but, while softer, “War” still gives a powerful impression within its melody, which suggests an even battle where the pendulum swings back and forth between both sides to suggest an even and valiantly fought war.

“13 Voices” proves to be a tremendous fare of empowering rock and Sum 41 once again grants us a head-banging good time.

4 out of 5 owls