By Daniel Miller

As a first year student at KSU I have discovered many great things that the campus provides to create the ultimate college experience. From eating at the Commons, to participating in intramural’s, to student media, are just some of the many exciting things to enjoy here at KSU. One thing in particular that stands out to me is the Student Wellness Center. The Wellness Center provides so much to students, but unfortunately not many students know what all the Wellness Center provides.

First off, the Wellness Center has a variety of workout activities and fun events that everyone should take advantage of. Upcoming spring events such as the “G-Spot Valentine’s Day Booth”, “Learn over Lunch”, and the “Safe Spring Break Party”, are just some of great events the Wellness Center is hosting.

In addition, the center hosts a variety of group fitness classes. They have mind/ body classes, which include a Pilate’s class, a Yoga class, a Yoga Pilates Fusion class, and Yoga Evolution classes. They have indoor cycling classes such as Ride Revolution, CycleZen, CoreSpin, and Cycle-45. If strength and cardio is for you then they have numerous classes. Boot Camp, JumpXpress, and Total Body Circuit are a few classes that go with that. Moreover, the center has Hip Hop Aerobics, Kickboxing, Step Mashup, and Zumba workout classes available.

Another great service the Wellness Center provides is having access to personal trainers that can help any student with their workouts. I know for me, it has been a luxury. Also, if any student is in need of a bike, the wellness center has a bike shop where you can rent them, or if you have bike that needs repairing, the bike shop can take care of that as well.

All in all, the Student Wellness Center has an abundance of workout classes and activities that provides students with knowledge and the opportunity to enhance them. I highly encourage everyone to continue to use the Wellness Center, and if you haven’t been in there yet, it is awesome.