By Jimmy Sears

One would be daft to miss out on this. On September 23, The Weeknd came at us with their newest single, “Starboy,” which features the “godfathers of dance music,” Daft Punk. This track is expected to drop with an album of the same name on November 25.

“Starboy” makes a huge impact right off the bat with a strong introduction that pumps up the ears before heart-stopping distortions raise the tension. Then it settles into a pristine melody with synthesizers combined with piano play. A dark and misty overtone presides, which, ironically, makes for easy listening. My only gripe with “Starboy” is its repetition; it doesn’t show much variation outside the intro, however that doesn’t bring the quality down much.

The irony that an unsettling sound would manifest as an excellent melody makes this track worth a buy. Until then, this’ll tide us over until the “Starboy” album drops.

4 out of 5 owls.