Sara Woodall

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo can now add himself to list of the NFL’s highest paid quarterbacks, after signing a 6-year contract worth $108 million on March 29, making him the highest paid quarterback in franchise history. This extension also gives Romo $55 million in guaranteed money, which is $3,000,000 more than the recent Super Bowl champion Joe Flacco.

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones obviously has the cash and power to make anyone he likes very rich, but this contract extension does not fit a player like Tony Romo. Romo, who will be 33-years-old in April, may be the all-time franchise leader with 174 touchdown passes and single-season passing and rushing yards, but he only has a 1-3 playoff record to show for in his seven years as a starter. Some would argue playoff records can’t speak for ability because Matt Ryan too has a 1-3 playoff record, but that is in just five seasons of play and Ryan is only 27-years-old. Ryan has proven he has the poise to win games in dire situations with 23-fourth quarter comeback wins, which is the most in the NFL since 2008. They don’t call Ryan “Matty Ice” for nothing. On the other hand, Romo is a player who has been known to be inconsistent throughout his career. To name a few situations, just take a look at the infamous botched field goal snap in 2007 against the Seattle Seahawks in a Wild Card Playoff game, his 4-interceptions against the New York Giants in October 2012, and finally, the more recent 3-interception performance against the Washington Redskins to end the season in December 2012. According to, Romo has a 1-6 record in “win-or-go-home” games, and since 2010, he is 17-21 as a starter.

Romo’s big contract could also take Aaron Rodgers’ future extension into account with the Packers. It has indeed become a game of figures in the 2013 NFL offseason, and with Rodgers and Ryan due for a contract extension soon, it will be interesting to see which player will be the next to go bigger in terms of salary.