By Cay Williams

Its time to get in his lane: Tory Lanez’s lane to be exact. Tory Lanez has been hitting the charts with his new album released in August. But wait—that’s not all! not only did he blow through the charts with his album, “Told You,” Tory Lanez also just entered a new era of hip-hop and auto-tune with his new single, “Super Freaky.”

Lanez just released this single on September 23. Way to go with the tunes and the repetition of this single; even Rick Ross had to show up and show out. The beat was phenomenal and probably has everyone on their feet jamming. Why? Because it’s a club song as well as a song that can be played at lounges and parties.

Can’t wait to see what Tory Lanez has in store next.

5 out of 5 owls.