by Jordan Suber

Trey Songz is an R&B genius. His name is synonymous with hit maker and R&B legend. The R&B artist goes by many names: Trigger, Mr. Steal Your Girl, and simply Tremaine. Trey Songz is most notably known for his songs “Between the Sheets” and “In the Mood”.  The R&B singer branched off into acting later on, starring in the 2013 movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D,” which serves as a direct sequel to the 1973 version of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Trey has just wrapped production for a movie to be released later this year titled “Brother’s Blood”.

Announced last December, Trey Songz’ highly anticipated seventh studio album has finally arrived. This album is a follow up to his mixtape released back in January titled “Anticipation 3.” Released on March 24th, “Tremaine” is a 15-track album that begins with the song “The Prelude.” In the song Trey sings about how he had so many girls and how they only want sex from him and how he misses the one good girl he had and goes on to sing about rebound girls, while also wishing that the girl he misses would pull up. The second song, “Come Over,” is about Trey wanting some girl to come over and do what adults do. The third and my personal favorite song is “#1 Fan,” which I can relate to because everyone is the number 1 fan of the person who currently has our eye. In my opinion the number 1 isn’t necessarily an actual fan but the woman whom he wants to be with.

In conclusion, this album is another great album from the R&B singer. This album lives up to the hype and has plenty of hot singles for the bedroom. If you are looking for an album to put your significant other in the mood, look no further. Trey has a bright future in front of him, whether it be singing or acting. The multi-talented singer has created yet another classic album and this one ranks amongst his top 3. I would definitely give this album a listen if you have not already.