By Jordon Suber

YFN Lucci is back with a remix to his summer hit, “Key to the Streets”!

The remix has Weezy F. Baby and Atlanta’s own 2 Chainz. The song plays on the success of its predecessor and it works. I may be a little biased. In fact, I kept the original tune on repeat this past summer. This song is full of memorable quotes from 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne.

YFN memorable lyrics, among others, include “I’m a gansta and yo b**** she love that,” and “I’ve been juggin’ since a ****in’ rugrat yo b***,” and “I need my crown . . . I’m talkin’ Nino Brown.” Lil Wayne comes in and, in true Weezy fashion, finishes the song with his introductory lighter flick: “F*** the record deal, I got sex appeal,” and “I got the key to the streets on my key chain
like jang-a-lang, jang-a-lang.” This song will be in my playlist. If you are a huge fan of either artist, this song it will make a great addition.