Michael Moore


Well Hawks fans, this is the start of yet another season, but this time we have an entirely different team and coach. After getting rid of Joe Johnson a few years ago and getting rid of Josh Smith after last season, the Hawks are looking for a new beginning in their quest for a better team.However, fans may not be very positive, at least for this season.Almost anyone can see that the Hawk’s offseason planning did not go as expected, as the All-Star power forward Dwight Howard chose to play in Houston, and the All-Star point guard Chris Paul chose to remain with the Los Angeles Clippers after acquiring coach Doc Rivers from Boston. With no solid All-Stars in their line up besides Al Horford, Atlanta will not have an easy road to the playoffs, and they certainly are not expected to be within the first 4 or even 6 seeds. The best free agent signing the Hawks could make was grabbing Utah’s power forward, Paul Milsap, who recorded a high score of only 19 points in the preseason. Atlanta will also have to deal with injuries early in the season, as John Jenkins is recovering from back issues. Oh, Paul Milsap and Al Horford are also injured by the way…so things are definitely already hard for this team when the season has not even started. Fans must hope that the returning point guard, Jeff Teague, can bring both the offense and defense to life, as the Hawks try to start their season on the right foot.