Patrick Bandy is a 19-year-old Kennesaw State student that has been making music since age 12. It all started when he heard Daft Punk’s track “Technologic” back when he was a young elementary school student. Ever since, he has listened to that piece knowing what he is passionate about. He has always been intensely interested in composition of music as well as how we as a society express ourselves through music.

Right now Patrick is signed to Billionaires Records ( and has been for about a year now. He has had three releases on Billionaires including the “Samurai Sword” EP, the single “New Jack”, and the “A Day in the Life” EP. Patrick also has a new release planned for the end of this year with the label and an independently released track planned for this Halloween. He has recently started playing in various clubs in the Atlanta area, which has helped push his music career into the next level. He now has a residency at Iris Nightclub in Atlanta and he plays there often. Patrick has recently become the Brand Ambassador of Billionaires Records and the host of an exclusive mix series. Patrick Bandy and Billionaires has some very big things planned for the end of this year and next so stay tuned! Make sure keep up to date with Patrick by following him on social media and Soundcloud!